04/25/22 - thank you for an awesome gig @Central Kino Ketsch.

12/24/21 - Skyrocket has been announced best music video 2021 by Deutsche Popstiftung. We have been announced in the category "best pop group 2021" 3rd place.

11/07/21: Wow, Matze got select for the scholarship "Neustart Kultur" which is offered by the german federal government. 🙏🤩

11/05/21: Notes live in Mannheim on Dec 4th 6:30pm @ Cafe Frida Kahlo

11/04/21: Kudos to the YEAH! music magazine. Please check the phenomenal article about Notes from the living room in the upcoming issue.

10/31/21: Our TV performance in the show Vollwert - talk and music is now on youtube:

10/12/21: The TV-Show "Vollwert" with our interview and performance will be broadcasted on 26th Oct and 30th Oct at 8:30 pm. Tune to "BWFamily" in the German cable network.

10/06/21: Since the release of our album so much happened. We really appreciate your support; those phenomenal magazine- und newspaper reviews, our TV-Show appearance, the quizu winners (who analyzed our videos like nobody else) and so much more.... THANK YOU!

08/06/21: Album Release "We Were Enough"


The Skyrocket, crafted by our daughter in Kindergarten is hidden in every of our music videos. If you can spot the mighty Skyrocket in all nine videos, send us a email including song names and exact sighting time. You can win CD's, T-Shirts, Cups and more. The winner will be drawn. The last video will be online on August 6th 2021.

Watch the videos on our Youtube Kanal

July 2021 - Wow, the Skyrocket is launching. Thanks to radio station SWR4 for broadcasting "Skyrocket" . We got some really awesome features in the German Schall-Magazin and Musix-magazine.

issue 24 des Schall magazine
July 2021 issue Musix. magazine

New Song "We Were Enough"

June 2021: We had a blast @Palatin Wiesloch. Thanks for hosting us!


We are still available as an acoustic duo for your events:


You are in need for something special for your party,
your wedding or your company? 

acoustic guitars, singing, percussion, kazoo and even a quiz - performed by two persons? This is Notes from the living room. Be we can do relaxed background music for your dinner party as well. Just let us now.



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